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Lists: 5 Texas Rappers You Need To Know



5 Texas Rappers You Need To Know

Texas is a world unto itself – it’s birthed a subset of rap culture that’s elements have come to be defining elements of hip hop itself. With legends like Pimp C, Bun B, Slim Thug, and Trae Tha Truth hailing from the Lone Star State there’s no doubt: something special flows in the Texas water. There’s an endless number of talented new artists coming out of the state, looking to enter the rap stratosphere and put on for the state in similar ways that their forebears have done. Coming up after the break are five artists who have been putting in the work and will no doubt become mainstream successes in the near future.

Diego Money (Dallas, TX)

Diego’s been traversing the underground rap circuit for years. His work with MexikoDro and Stoopidxool has given him a cult following on Soundcloud where he’s revered as an original. As a matter of fact, Playboi Carti’s style is rumored to be inspired by Diego, to which he says that it is indeed. His easy-going rap style paired with his outrageous fashion sense make him a sure-fire success in 2017.

Notable songs:

Maxo Kream (Houston, TX)

Perhaps Maxo’s style is a direct homage to Biggie’s cool, yet intimidating aesthetic. Maxo can spit with the best of them and can switch his flows at a moment’s notice. He has a loyal fanbase who even went as far as rescuing some of his family members during Hurricane Irma. The sky’s the limit for Maxo and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him next.

Notable songs:

LE$ (Houston, TX)

There’s no other way to put it: LE$ is the embodiment of classic Houston culture. His smooth, chop-heavy music sounds great while rolling up, sipping pink, or drifting in your car, very slowly. He’s been putting in work for years, dropping one solid tape after another. He’s poised for his big break sooner than later. But the thing about him is that he keeps it so cool that it could never come and he’ll still be satisfied.

Notable songs:

Asian Doll (Dallas, TX)

Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, Asian Doll is a killer on the microphone. She keeps it all the way real and her growing base of fans love it. With her Kill-Bill inspired style and persona, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes your go-to female rap presence.

Notable songs:

Tay K (Born in Long Beach, CA, raised in TX)

羅山鼻 You Wil Get Disassembled

A post shared by TAY-K (@tayk47shawty) on

We’ve all heard “The Race.” We’ve all seen the charges that he’s currently being tried on. Yet his star power continues to grow, immensely. If he gets out, he’ll be one of the biggest new faces in the rap world. His small body of work is nothing short of great. He packs a ton of lyrical prowess and panache into each song that he releases and he’s become one of our favorites. 

Notable songs:



Lists: 4 Virginia Artists You Should Get Familiar With




Virginia’s a state that sits on the East Coast of the United States but draws inspiration from the best of the country’s current Hip Hop trends. D.R.A.M.’s the latest artist to break out of the state, but there’s a ton of talent that sits ready to unveil itself in due time. The influence of Virginia legends Pharrell, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, and The Clipse is evident in the outlandish nature of many of its artists’ styles and has drawn a spotlight to the state as of late. Guessing who’s going to blow up next is anyone’s guess.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the biggest artists in the state. Whether they’re actually good or not is up to your discretion – they’ve captured the interests of people at a national level, so go figure. But if you’re not up to date on what’s happening in the Commonwealth State, take a gander at who’s who below.

Young Crazy

Back in 2013 when Crazy released “Get Dumb,” it quickly went viral because of its guttural look into life in Norfolk. Since then, Crazy has consistently released the type of music that his growing base of fans want to hear. He’s worked with legendary producer Timbaland as well as opened up for Young Thug at NSU, promoted to main act when Thugger never showed up.  He also recently connected with 40 VAN for a performance in Texas.

He’s poised for a quick takeoff sooner than later. It’s important to know that his success didn’t happen overnight – he’s been about this for a while now. Take a listen to some of his music and become a fan.

Standouts: “Lessons” and “Painter Clique”

Treez Lowkey

When you think of atmospheric trap music in Virginia, Treez should be the first name you think of. He’s been on the scene for years, acting as a mysterious force that drops acclaimed projects that seem to come out of nowhere. He recently connected with the A$AP Mob and has become a member of A$AP Rocky’s AWGE collective. The future is bright for young Treez.


Standouts: “Watch” and “Not At All”


There aren’t many rappers nowadays that play live instruments on stage. A defining part of Masego’s persona is that he’s a master saxophone player – and it’s not an act. The release of his breakout hit “Girls That Dance” made him an overnight celebrity, serving as a culmination of years of hard work in the college circuit. Now, he amongst relocating to Los Angeles to perfect his sound, he’s been spotted with DJ Jazzy Jeff and J Cole.

Standouts: “Navajo” and “Send Yo Rita”

Levi Carter

Have you ever heard of “Galaxy Trap?” It’s a genre that Levi Carter has created and perfected. His artistry has gotten him a deal with Roc Nation and he continues to release music, albeit slowly. He’s a breath of fresh air in the rap scene, with hard-hitting bars that pave the way for some serious growth potential. We can’t wait to see where he goes.


Standouts: “You Not Gang” and “Dear Mama”

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Best of Instagram: Katt Leya



Katt Leya

Katt Leya’s pretty mysterious for a rising model. Although you can easily come across pictures of her and videos of her dancing on the internet, finding out who exactly she is is a little harder. Here’s what we do know: she’s beautiful, voluptuous, and she likes anime. She also keeps it real on her Twitter account.

She’s also watches anime so if you’re into Dragonball Z, Hunter x Hunter, or One Punch Man, you may have a shot.

There’s one oddity about her: she eats fries with mayonnaise. So maybe she’s more off kilter than she lets on.

Regardless of her questionable food tastes, she’s someone that we can’t wait to see rise in the modeling and entertainment world. Her Instagram account features more of her pictures, giving more insight into who she is as a person. We decided to peruse through the account and gather some of the best posts four our latest Best of Instagram list.

Two Desserts

What looks better – her or that slice of cake?

Empty Glass

The cup looks like it’s empty.

Summer Vibes

Yellow is definitely her color.

Shades of Pink

Pink hair, blonde hair, hell, maybe even blue hair. It can all work.

Animal Pillows

It seems like she’s a fan of animal print pillows.

Pink and Orange

Pink and orange are her colors as well.

Baywatch 2

Katt Leya for Baywatch 2.




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Throwback Thursday: 15 Detroit Classics



Throwback Thursday: 15 Detroit Classics

A lot of beautiful music has come out of Detroit in the last two decades. Artists like Eminem, DoughBoyz CashOut, StreetLords, and much more have created a sound that the world has run with, on multiple occasions. Here, is where the essence of musical creativity and freedom resides. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up some classics, from the new school and the old, that have come from the city so that you can be a judge for yourself.


Stretch Money – Takes Money To Make Money


Blade IceWood – Ride On Me


Rock Bottom – No


Trick Trick featuring Eminem – Welcome 2 Detroit


Eastside Chedda Boys – Oh Boy


K-Deezy – In My Hood


Blade IceWood – Boy Would You


Selfish by Slum Village featuring Kanye West and John Legend


Eastside Chedda Boyz – Chedda Boy Baby


DoughBoyz CashOut – Grind 2 Shine


Tone Tone – I Ain’t Playing wit cha


StreetLord Juan – So far gone


Team Eastside – Needy Bitch


Dusty McFly – I’m Out Here


IceWear Vezzo Feat. Team Eastside Peezy – Dancin

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