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Here’s What You Should Be Listening To Today



Some hot stuff that you won't want to miss today is inside.

Some heavy-hitters have dropped new music this week, from Kash Doll to Tee Grizzley, even ShredGang Mone. A commonality between the aformentioned artists is their knack for creating timeless music. With that being said, you should check out their new stuff while its hot to get ahead of everyone else. We’ve got five scorching hot songs for you to check out this Thursday if you’re really into being up on the latest and greatest. Check out our picks below.

“My City” by Young Ra feat. ShredGang Mone, Cash Kidd & Bandgang Biggs

This fiery trap banger features a littany of quality verses from some serious Detroit muscle. Cash Kidd, as always, brings a haphazardly slung verse, brilliantly dancing between the intersections of the downbeat and backend production ambiance. The visual is cool and all, but the real heart and soul of the experience comes from the collective energy on display in the track itself.


“Don’t Even Trip” by Tee Grizzley feat. MoneyBagg Yo

Two up-and-coming rappers; one from Detroit, the other from Memphis. Bring their styles together for a track and you get something special. Tee Grizzley’s new release is an ominously dark sermon that’s vivaceous at the same time. His verse is glass-shattering, MoneyBagg Yo’s equally as destructive. Yo’s guttural growl, in particular, is striking in accordance with the piano-centric production that relies on a particular riff to induce stomach-clenching dread.


“Dysfunctional Family” by RiskTaker D-Boy

RiskTaker D-Boy looks to make 2018 his bitch. “If You My N*gga” put him on the map, now he’s gotten even more personal on his follow-up “Dysfunctional Family.” The somber ode to family drama is a touching sermon that showcases his next-to-none flow and overbearing, maestro-like aesthetic. It’ll put you in the feels for sure.


“Swiper No Swiping” by Bighomie Tru feat. Payroll Giovanni

PAYROLL! There’s no one in the game period right now with a track record like Payroll Giovanni. His verses are akin to business advice from business expert Gary Vaynerchuck – whatever he says, it makes you want to get shit done. Immediately. He blesses Bighomie Tru in the trap hit “Swiper No Swiping” and you’ll want to hear what both artists have to say. The track is a surefire hit that will only add another tally mark to Payroll’s already lengthy string of hits.


“10 Cars” by Johnnie Cage feat. Cosofamous

There’s no major names attached to this, no reason to check it out besides the fact that it slaps. It’s mixed excellently, the production is immersive, and the verses are tight, compact, and larger-than-life. In short, this has everything it takes to be a viral hit. When it inevitably does, remember that you saw it over on 4ShoMag first.


This Year In Diss Tracks – Ranked



In 2018, there’ve a number of beefs but only two have spawned diss tracks: Pusha T versus Drake and Machine Gun Kelly versus Eminem. The four tracks that have come have been brutal attacks on character of varying levels of severity. It’s time to rank them from worst to best to figure out who had the best assault on character.

4. “Killshot” by Eminem

Eminem’s diss to MGK shows that you can be the better rapper, but you can still drop an abysmal record. Em’s raps were fast and tight, and, admittedly, rhyming “damn gun” with “man bun” is as hilarious as you would think. But it ultimately lacked the heft of the classic disses in history and showed that, when left to his own devices, Eminem just can’t keep up with the new guys.

3. “Duppy Freestyle” by Drake

Drizzy’s diss towards Pusha T came from a stray lyric or two from the latter’s Daytona which he perceived to be directed towards him. In true Drake fashion, he trolls Pusha T for the course of three minutes in a fast, breathless flow that even mentions Pusha T’s wife, Virginia Williams. But Drake would soon find out that he had pressed the wrong one…

2. “Rap Devil” by MGK

No one in history would have believed that Machine Gun Kelly would best Eminem in a battle of diss songs. But he did with “Rap Devil,” a play on Em’s self-proclaimed title, that shared just how far Em has fallen from rap’s grace. Kelly’s allegations rang with a curious sense of disappointment and an overwhelming sense of bravado that made many feel that he won their brief battle.

1. “Story of Adidon” by Pusha T

Pusha T’s response to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” was magical. A moment in time created to the backdrop of ” Story of OJ” by JAY-Z that turned Drake’s world upside down. The revelation of the Canadian crooner hiding a child shook him to his foundation and showed that he wasn’t impenetrable as many believed.

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A Year Ago Today, G Herbo Released ‘Humble Beast’



Now, when we hear G Herbo’s music, we think of the careless Swervo. The rapper who could say so much more, but chooses not to to break into new territory due to his fans wishes. But prior to that he was Herbo, the Humble Beast. Understanding who that is and what he represents comes with listening to Humble Beast, Herbo’s debut studio album that released on September 18, 2017.

Herbo’s debut came after  years of grinding in the underground circuit. He outlasted the drill era of Chicago and worked to establish himself for years. When he finally came into his own in 2017, he was fully formed, polished, and ready to go. Humble Beast showcases that confidence and declares Herbo as one of the best rappers in the game, period. The ways that he brings classic street rap to the forefront with a collection of dark, foreboding beats invites that feeling of nostalgia that arises when listening to old Dipset.

While many debuts often try to tick every box to create a comprehensive project that showcases the breadth of their abilities, Herbo creates what he wants to create. There’s no faux push for meeting pre-established metrics, just hard-hitting lifestyle rap that covers the breadth of his experiences. Humble Beast’s authenticity is unlike any sub-21 rapper’s catalogs in nearly two decades. It proved that Herb has a story to tell unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.


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Five Gems That You May Have Missed This Week



We’re back with another installment of fiery jams straight from the cloud that you may have missed this week. Check them out below:

LouGotCash has a smooth jam on his hands with “Too Turnt.” With a simple, earworm repeating refrain, Lou’s ability to transfix the audience is immediately apparent. New age rap’s hottest rapper Trippie Redd also joins in for an energetic chorus that showcases just why he’s in such high demand.

BigBabyGucci is fast coming up as one of rap’s hottest artists. His new single “Number 1 and Number 2” allows him to reveal why he’s so highly sought after with smooth melodies and earnest flows.

BOOFBOIICY has been up for a very long time. His spacey new jam “Same Shit” is the kind of off-kilter hit that’ll go far in transforming his brand into something legendary. We heard it once and we’re already hooked.

Goon Des Garcones is a new name to the 4ShoMag staff. His new track “New Stimulations” is sonically arresting, brash, and irate. We love it for what it is though – angry entertainment.

This may not sound like something we’d normally cover, but Mike Floss puts his foot into this one. His melodies are bold and fit the production like a snug glove. It’s definitely one of our favorite tracks of 2018.

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