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BOE Sosa, BOE Deejay, and BOE Dion rap about equality in “Body 4 Body”



An eye for an eye. A pound of flesh for a pound of flesh. Life is about equality. We’ve been fighting years for it and it still often eludes us, but it’s alway the goal. BOE Sosa, BOE Deejay, and BOE Dion have something to say about this in “Body 4 Body,” the idea that if one of their people gets killed, one on the other side also has to die. It’s harsh, but it’s a code of the streets.

Watch the video for “Body 4 Body” below.

4sho Advice

Yung Him reflects on his life in ‘Ever Since I Got Money’



Yung Him has been through a lot. His new single, “Ever Since I Got Money,” pretty much recounts this story, from being shot nearly two dozens times, to getting to the bands and what it feels like. Things are changing rapidly for him and it’s almost overwhelming. But, like this song, he handles the coming beat with ease.

Watch the video for “Ever Since I Got Money” below.

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4Sho Advice: 4 Reasons Why You Should Spam Your Music



Spam Your Music

What happened over the last couple of years that made spamming music get such a bad rep? Often times nowadays, artists would rather post their music and hope someone decides to click on it. Off the strength of actually liking it. While in an ideal world this would happen, this is almost never the case in 2017.

But why is that?

People often only like things that other people like. But for that to happen, at least one person has to like it initially which often times doesn’t happen. Do you see the chicken and the egg problem unfolding here? This is why spamming music is important. The fear that exists is normal, but we’re here today to tell you why exactly you should do it. Think about your future and the exciting possibilities that can open up if you go ahead with it.

Blog attention

Have you ever heard of BeatsBySaif? The producer managed to get an interview with esteemed music blog Pigeons and Planes simply by spamming his music on established artists’ pages. He’d wait until they tweeted from their account and would make sure to tweet his beats at them before anyone else could say anything. When people clicked the bigger artists’ tweet, they’d see Saif there already. Over time, people began to show either annoyance or interest in the producer. Eventually, blogs began to follow his activities strictly off of the fact that he spams. In an age where people don’t do it nearly as much, he stuck out like a sore thumb.

The reason that we’re saying this is that just by doing that, attention came to him. Regardless of how he sounded, places of influence began to check him out based off just off of his audacity. That’s something to think about.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Seriously. Are you afraid of looking like a jackass by sending people your music? Will your friends laugh at your feeble attempts to spread your songs? Take a step back and think about the integrity of the situation. You want to make your future better. What’s it give to get dirty for five or ten minutes? Do you know that similar to the business and corporate world, you’ll get denied or ignored a hundred times before you get that one yes. All it takes is for one person with influence to check out what you have to say. Do you know how many artists, A & R’s, and producers check out music just out of sheer boredom? Often times, no one even cares enough to chastise you. So if you believe that people are talking about your music spreading attempts behind your back, they’re not. Even if they are, so the fuck what?

People Will Click Out Of Curiosity

This draws back to the statement in the previous section where we said people check things out just out of sheer boredom. How many times have you loaded up Worldstar and clicked on a random video to watch, regardless of the caption? How do you think that the random unsigned (often horrendous) music videos on Worldstar get 30,000 views? Without paying for them of course. People will check things out just because they have nothing better to do. Also, maybe an image of something in the cover art or song will trigger them to check it out. It’s almost possible to predict. But getting the music out will let people decide if they want to check it out. Chances are, if they see it enough, they’ll click it.

Regardless Of Whether They Check It Out, You’ll Be Out There

Say they click it. Say they don’t. Regardless, they’re going to see you. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. The exposure can get to people of different cities, states, and countries. It’s important to remember that the key to success lies in cultivating a fan base that stretches across time zones, not just in the home city. So when you’re spamming your music and sending it to people around the world, remember that if they don’t check it out, they’ll at least know your name. Also, if they do ignore it, use that as motivation to go even harder with your music.

The lesson to be learned here today is best put into three words:

Spam, spam, spam!

Don’t let egos or doubts deter you from your true goal: being successful. No matter what the odds are, go ahead and do it. Think about it: what’s a few extra seconds for a few taps or clicks that could change your life? Get on it right away, you’ll see the results quicker than you think. They’ll also be bigger than you ever can imagine.

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