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“Keep In Touch” by Tory Lanez feat Bryson Tiller


New Bryson Tiller is always great news. This time it comes as a feature on Tory Lanez new single “Keep In Touch.” It’s one of the smoothest songs that Lanez has ever done; Tiller practically floats on this since it’s right in his comfort zone. s

“The Flute Song” by Russ

There’s going to be plenty of haters for Russ’ latest smash, “The Flute Song.” As much of an asshole as he can be, his new cut is a fucking banger, no matter which way you cut it. The flute in the background is so loud and shrill in the background that it is almost a secondary character in the song. And it works because of that, being one of his strongest songs to date.

“It’s A Slime” by Young Thug feat. Lil Uzi Vert

We knew that Young Thug was releasing Slime Language based on the snakes that he sent to various publications recently, but we still weren’t prepared for the genius that is “It’s A Slime.” With production that sounds like the ebb and flow of a mountain river, Thug practically skips like a rock on the top of the beat, Uzi following behind him emulating the same crisp delivery.

“BLACKJACK” by Amine


It feels damn good to get some new Amine after such a long wait. His trademark off-kilter style has long been one of rap’s most alluring aesthetics, now he’s back with a wild new project ONEPOINTFIVE, and, on it, is “BLACKJACK” that’s a barren, naked rap feast. Amine’s flow on this thing is ridiculous. A true gem.

“What’s The Hook” by Reeseynem feat. Chance The Rapper


Reeseynem’s latest features a bold horn and synth pattern that immediately grips the listener. His smooth, confident raps aren’t anything too boldly original, but they fit the brisk nature of the song. Chance The Rapper similarly brings in this enigmatic energy, showcasing the brilliant flows that make his rap heavy cuts like “I Might Need Security” so vivacious.


.@tonyxsantana is extra chilly in “Cold Place”



Tony $antana, straight out of California, has become one of my favorite rising artists thanks to amazing vocal control with autotune. His latest is “Cold Place” a song about the cold of pre-spring that opens up about the chilly heart. Check it out below.

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.@uknowflyboi Is Ready



We spoke to one of Detroit’s hottest rising lyricists about his journey so far and what he has coming up in the pipeline. This is one discussion that you don’t want to miss.

Who is FlyBoi Rich?

FlyBoi Rich is your average “hood” kid telling his stories from what he has seen and been through. I try to keep it 100, I just ain’t got no filter when it comes to what I talk about. I try to bring lyrics and bangers together. From the Eastside of Detroit Glenwood, I came up with a big circle tryna win together. I’m a sports junkie so it’s heavy sports talk in the music. There’s a lot of pain inside that I try to bring that out through the music so when you hear the music you are hearing me.

How did you get into the rap space?

I always played around with it. People around me started telling me I was nice and then I started taking it more serious. I jumped in it looking for whoever was trying to hear me spitting. I remember going around my neighborhood bookbag full of pressed up CDs selling and passing them out. I jumped in head first and aint look back since. I just started learning, getting dedicated, and grinding it out until I see the best results.

What’s your experience like in the Detroit rap scene?
It’s been cool. I’ve been around a few people that showed me some of the local areas early. It changed a lot as far as getting out face to face, it seems like social media platforms raise awareness a lot. Its all for the good, it’s bringing attention to the city I’m with it. Overall though, I’ve had a few good experiences and a few bad experiences from studio to venues but its all apart of the game.

Detroit’s becoming one of the biggest cities in rap, destined to overthrow hubs like Chicago and Atlanta. Why do you think that the city is now getting its shine?
I believe for sure the new talent coming out the city, plus they are going to gravitate to the surrounding areas to see what they can find. I think they always had an ear to us because of people like Em, Sean, and Dilla doing what they did and others. It was just a matter of time, can’t rush the process it’s perfect timing.

Do you think that this shine is overdue? Why or why not? 
Maybe so, because it started slowly picking up tho so can’t really say. The way artists are coming out now though I would say that it’s just the right time a few people either got deals or excelled higher last year than I seen in a while so I think the timing is right.

What was the recording process like for “New Jack City?”
New Jack City was inspired by the movie. I hopped in the studio one day after watching it. It kind of inspired the whole Black Movie Cinema Ep. Went in the studio got some of my “creative inspirations” together and I got to work. Writing process ain’t long for me, I go off whatever that I’m thinking about at the time. I usually try to get real witty with the words and play off them but I finished the track pretty quick think me N another artist Thatboy Hen dropped Adidas that day to. That goes crazy to me (video soon!)

Why do you think fans identify with your music so much? 
I think because it’s something good to the ears first and then the music aint trash it got a bounce so that catch em. It’s real and its something they can relate to. It gives them a vibe and you can understand it. Saying a quote or something that make a fan sit like damn what he say? I live for those moments. I think they identify because most of em seen me come from nothing and they can hear the passion in the music.

How do you think artists like Sada Baby and Tee Grizzley opened the door for Detroit artists?

I think Grizz started it out crazy with that first day out once Vezzo was gone. He got out and jumped out with that joint it hit the whole year. Getting people like Bron to hop on the gram and spit your shit gotta be making noise for real. Sada, on the other hand, showed how we have fun with it. His grind and dropping track after track showed our dedication and grind they fasho got they eyes open getting on bigger platforms performing at festivals they definitely repping for the city.

Who is your favorite rapper from Detroit? Why? Gotta say either Royce or Em prolly because they style is that Golden Era sound with those lyrics. I lean more so towards Royce tho just rock wit how his style is the lyrical part of the game I just latch on to heavy. Plus i can relate to the stories he tells in his music more.

What’s next for Fly Boi Rich? 
Going all out its non stop new Ep coming very soon new videos in the works as we speak. Getting out to more shows, putting out quality merchandise and music all 2019 trying to bring my circle up top like a halo if we blessed we neva stressed. More dedication more building more elevation all I’m looking forward to is touching as mmanypeople with this music as i can.

What’s your 2019 looking like?
So far its looking pretty good a few shows setup soon my own release party more videos and blessings. Hopefully partner up with a big label and get some of these ideas into works but for now it’s a constant grind constant drops be expecting to hear me a lot this year for sure.

Who are you looking forward to collaborating with? Why?
Royce probably because of the lyrical challenge it will bring and Sada because the energy we a bring to a track together. I rock with both they music heavy they on my playlist and it’s been on my head so when that time presents itself I’m waiting for it.

What’s one thing that you want to do for the city once you make it to the next level in the rap game

Bring back some of these old neighborhoods I use to go to or live at before its too late and somebody from out of town capitalize on it. We let too my people come and take our town profits away so I wanna keep some stuff I remember alive and build a few small businesses and try to help a couple of neighborhoods out with something at least a job or a decent spot to hang or be at comfortably.

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Linwood Dnell 4sho Ave. Freestyle



Detroit Rap Artist Dnell is on the rise. As he continues to make his debut to the world, he stepped into the 4746 Studio and spit a fire Ass 4sho Ave Freestyle. Flowing effortlessly with no problem, Dnell came to set the bar! Press Play and check him out!

Guest: Linwood Dnell (@Linwooddnell)
Produced By: Reuel Ethan (@ReuelEthan)
Executive Produced By: Joseph McFashion (@JosephMcFashion)

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