Mixtape: Bag Life
Artist: Team Eastside
Release Date: November  10th 2012
Purchase From: Press Play [All Locations] (Detroit, MI)
For Bookings: 313 -740-9210
Twitters: @_EastsidePeezy @_EastsideLilP @Grind_Slave @EastsideDame @MiaBabyFace

About The Author

  • fmot @detroit_we_back

    im a boss

  • bossboi

    Shyt slapz

  • kim

    team eastside power and i anit trying to preach n money calling and tha life my shit

  • kim

    i love that life

  • Eshon 21

    team eastside went hard

  • emoney21

    go hard

  • emoney21

    team eastside back aGAin

  • real nigga

    Real shit

  • real nigga

    niggas jus dont kno im bout dat life 6 mile baby

  • real nigga

    dese better den doughboyz cashout nd dey spit real shit rt

  • A real nigga

    real shit bro i feel yall niggas

  • cheddagrove d

    dese niggas dont understand real shit like dis

  • tmcne icewood

    im from da westside but these niggas cold

  • Alyssa

    Im From The Westside And I Really Like This Music

  • Juan juan22

    These niggas go hard

  • jay

    Hell no doughboyz cash out way better