Name: DeJuan Cushman
Affiliations:,, or (
Occupation: Artist, Photographer Graphic And Web Designer
Career Description: I do Fashion & Urban Glamour photography, Event photography(clubs, birthdays weddings etc.)

How long have you been  doing photography?
I have been doing photography for about 4 years now going on 5

What made you want to become a photographer?
Well I have always been a artist, Ive been drawing and painting since I was 5 years old. I always enjoyed making things from scratch and showing how creative my mind can get, photography just allowed me to express it more realistically.

With new photographers popping up everyday, what makes you feel secure with your position as one of the hottest photographers in your area?
I would say confidence, if you don’t feel confident within your own capabilities you were never in secure spot to begin with. I don’t mind helping other photographers either because we all think different and no one can steal that from us. I feel that one of the main reasons people like my style of work is because it is steadily changing and people like seeing the growth.

Words of advice:
I would advise anyone regardless of your craft is to always keep dreaming, always better yourself, never stop learning about what u love and to never give up no matter the consequence because your just as able as anyone on achieving your goals.


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