This girl has an AMAZING voice, she has the voice of…….. I don’t even know how to explain it. She’s a small get with a biiiig voice. Taryn Mai has a voice that will stop a baby from crying and save a sick man from dying.

Introducing: Taryn Mai

4shoMag: You’re quite new to the game; tell us a little about yourself…
TM: Well my name is Taryn Mai I’m 21yrs old I live in detroit michigan. Ive been singing and writing since I was about 6. I also read music.

4shoMag: Knowing music, do you have any influences in your life that could attribute to your love for R&B today?
TM: Well I grew up listening to albums; Lots of good music. I listen to alot of 80′s late 70′s music. I mostly study male vocal patterns. My influences are Michael Jackson, El Debarge, Elton John, Michael McDonald, Prince, The Beetles, Lauren Hill, Diana Ross, and Teena Marie. My favorite newer producer and artist is Kanye’ West and I absolutely love Chris Brown’s work passion and presentation.

4shoMag: As R&B/Hip-Hop is a male dominated industry, how will your music be represented?
TM: Well I love becoming  someone else when I write so that I may represent everyone.  I make songs that men  can relate to as well. Strong music with substance and meaning will sit well with everyone. All you have to do is make them feel good and dance!

4shoMag: When meeting fans and supporters of your music, how inspired are you both by their reaction?
TM: I am very inspired and taken aback by them. It warms my heart because in my eyes I’m just a girl with a dream and I never thought I could Have that impact on people by just being some unknown artist who loves to tell a story with music. I love when they send me inbox messages, emails, DM’s, comments, etc.

4shoMag: Tell us something that is very important to you in your music that you would like to share with our readers?
TM: The most important thing in my music is that you see what I am singing. I want listeners to hear my music and visualize the lyrics Like a movie. I want a scence to play in listeners minds. For example, if it’s a sad song I want the happiest person to cry, if it’s a dance track I want to transport listeners to a rocking party. I want my music to allow people to escape and feel and imagine. To speak

4shoMag: What song is the BEST song you think you’ve done to this date?
TM: I would say either Overanalyzed or Song About You

4shoMag: What makes you believe that those two are your best songs out of the many you’ve recorded?
TM: I get most reaction out of those songs and those are my most personal songs that tell my personal story.

4shoMag: What producers and artists do you want to work with next?
TM: I would love to work someday with N.E.R.D., Kanye, Quincy Jones. Prince and Chris Brown. Gosh! There are so many more!

4shoMag: How does it feel to be selected as a 4sho Magazine Freshman?
TM: Really really cool!! Sometimes I wonder who is out there listening and it is an honor to be selected!

Last Remarks:
Thank you again for choosing me and I cant wait to share more music!


DOWNLOAD HER SONG “ Over analyzed” HERE:

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    Taryn Mai – Overanalyzed

    Interview By: Joseph McFashion

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